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Philips respironics system one remstar auto cpap machine buy in Kuala Lumpur
Buy Philips respironics system one remstar auto cpap machine
Philips respironics system one remstar auto cpap machine

Philips respironics system one remstar auto cpap machine

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The Philips REMstar Auto A-Flex is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device designed for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It can deliver CPAP therapy or Auto-CPAP therapy. The device provides several special features to help make your therapy more comfortable. The ramp function allows you to lower the pressure when you are trying to fall asleep. The air pressure will gradually increase until your prescription pressure is reached. You also have the option of not using the ramp feature at all.


• Reduced sound levels: With the addition of our advanced WhisperSmart technology,

designed to make our industry-leading Flex Family of pressurerelief technologies

operate more quietly, System One is one ofthe quietest devices on the market when

it matters most: whenpatients are breathing on it.

• Dual modes withremote switching: System One BiPAP Pro and BiPAP Auto

devices comeequipped with both bi-level and CPAP capabilities and can be easily

switched between modes including remotely via computer - when clinicians and

providers need to adjust patient therapy. The convenience of having both options in

a single unit is another innovation designed to save providers from having to make

additional trips to patients' homes.

• Improved humidityoutput and control: With improved humidity output, System One

offers fivepatient-selected relative humidity settings to deliver customizedcomfort

while dramatically reducing rainout. In addition,our "classic" mode provides the ability

to shut off HumidityControl, if preferred.

• Mask fit and sealmonitoring: With the Mask Fit feature, System One Auto devices give

patients the ability to check the seal of their masks in real timeand lets them and their

clinicians know what leaks may resultwhen pressures increase from baseline

throughout the night.

• Easy night-time viewing: A back-lit screen ensures patients will be able to see System

One's interface even in the dark.

• Enhanced filtration design: Packaged with each device, a white, ultra-fine filter provides

filtration that may enhance comfort without increasing noise orchanges in efficacy.

• 15 mm tubing option: System One now features both 15 mm and 22 mm tubingoptions

that may provide greater patient comfort andcustomization of therapy.

• Multilingual display: System One devices can be set to display different languages

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Philips respironics system one remstar auto cpap machine
Philips respironics system one remstar auto cpap machine
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